Awakening Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Course

Join Patrick Beach and Carling Harps in this flexible online education course.

This 200 hour Foundational program focuses on the Vinyasa pillar of the Awakening Yoga system and is comprised of theoretical, practical, and exploratory modules.

Immerse yourself in the principles of the Awakening Yoga System. Learn how to teach Vinyasa yoga and grow your personal practice with the support of an established method and global community.

Theory / discover the why behind the practice

Expand your depth of knowledge and experience with this powerful practice. Gain perspective on where, when, and how Yoga originated, evolved, and grew. Explore the multifaceted concepts and philosophies that make up the deepest layers of this practice.

What We'll Work on: 
  • Introduction to Philosophy & History of Yoga
    • Dive into the foundational pillars of yogic philosophy, including its vast origins, source texts, and practices
  • Introduction to the subtle body
    • Integrate the knowledge of the subtle body systems such as the Prana and Vayus into your practice and teaching
  • Foundational Pranayama
    • Learn foundational Pranayama techniques for your home practice and teaching techniques for public class

Practical / explore the how of daily ritual

Much of this learning occurs on the mat. Sitting with the daily ritual in patience and with an open mind. 

What We'll Work on: 
  • Postural Asana breakdown
    • Explore structural breakdown of classic and adapted yoga poses, cueing approaches, and how to apply modern biomechanics to the physical yoga practice
  • Anatomy & Movement Science
    • Dive into the foundations of anatomy and biomechanics to develop a keen eye for physical patterning
  • Modifications & Adaptations
    • Explore your own unique practice and perspective in order to better assess and help your students.
  • Master the AY Full Solar Practice & The Set
    • Learn the Awakening Yoga Full Practice Vinyasa sequence, The Set, and all integrated sequence series.
  • Introduction to Creative Sequencing
    • Learn how to use the Awakening Yoga system to craft intelligent, purposeful, and creative sequencing for in-person and online classes

Personal / evoke your inner teacher 

Let your inner teacher rise to the surface. Even if you do not have a clear intention to offer yoga publicly these practical teaching lessons serve to bolster a valuable academic approach to the practice.

What We'll Work on: 
  • How to lead public class
    • Find your own voice as a teacher through practical teachings exercises and group activities to ensure you graduate with confidence & comfort as a new teacher
  • Introduction to teaching adjustments
    • Learn effective & intuitive ways to observe the unique bodies of students to determine the best approach to aiding students via verbal cueing, directional one-on-one help, and individually appropriate hands-on-adjustments
  • How to start your teaching career
    • Learn how to find your first teaching job, create your niche, develop your own yoga teaching business, and thrive in many different teaching settings such as online or in person.

On-Demand Training


Start learning right away with our online on-demand course! This approach pairs pre-recorded curriculum with 6 months of access to our online yoga studio (Commune Yoga) to support your learning with real-time new classes & tutorials. This is our most flexible option for those with a strong sense of self-motivation but have busy lives and unpredictable schedules.

Instant access to 6 month 200 hour Teacher Training Course!

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In-Person Training


Let’s get together! Our in-person courses are based on a hybrid model of online (on-demand) prerequisites paired with a 7 day in-person intensive module. Together we will focus on daily Sadhana and the practical concepts of teaching.

Gain instant access today! The online curriculum must be completed prior to arrival to any in-person module. 

Location: Yoga Room Lisbon
Date: June 3-9, 2024

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Nataša S.

It was a pleasure to learn from them in the online version of the Awakening Yoga Foundations TT! I'm very fond of their teaching methods, but in addition to this, they're wonderful humans. I can not only see their warm and calming presence on the video but also feel positive, good energy through the mic every time I listened and practiced with them.

It's wonderful that they take every student on the discovery of their own body, soul, and mind, acknowledging that curiosity is the most important tool on the way and that it’s the journey that counts.

TT is structured in the best possible way and asana labs were so well elaborated, that the understanding of the complexity of the whole movement of what we are doing in yoga is easier to digest. Forever thankful for the creation of all the Series of the Awakening yoga.

Personally, I have to say, that I prefer this online version of teaching, because I could do it in my own space on the other side of the globe in Slovenia and didn’t need to pull on other resources (additional money and time for traveling, re-scheduling my other obligations ….), but foremost for me it’s the online version better cause of the longer time period to digest the material in my own time, and I can re-watch as many times I need something to hear and there are so many possibilities to ask (in live sessions or on discussion and community boards), and also is so good that they address students questions in the weekly podcast and they give you assignment feedback!

Come Practice with us! 

We encourage you to take your time and get to know our teaching team & methodology prior to enrollment. If you have never practiced with Patrick, Carling, or Bess, please do so via the online classes offered by Commune Yoga prior to sign up.

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