AYA 300 Hour Advanced Program

The AYA 300-Hour Advanced program is a cumulative & module-based program. 

Students may choose from various online or in-person courses over a maximum span of 3 years. Students enrolling in the 300 hour program must have completed a 200-hour RYT certification from AYA or another accredited yoga school before starting their modules. 

 *As a prerequisite, all non-AYA alumni must complete the đź”—Awakening Yoga 20-hour Immersion course. These hours can be applied toward the 300 Hour Advanced program

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Please fill out the enrollment form below to begin tracking your course hours. After completing 300 hours of committed study, AYA will submit all the cumulative certificates and assign a final project. 

*All hours must be *300 Hour YTT eligible for credit

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