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Awakening Yoga Academy 300 hour Advanced RYT program is designed to build upon your unique experience as practitioners and teachers. Together we expand your world of Yoga, movement, breath work, philosophy, and more. Dive into the power of the practice and hone the craft of teaching with us.

300 hour training is a cumulative & module based program. 

Students may choose from various online or in-person courses over a maximum span of 3 years. Students enrolling in the 300 hour program must completed a previous 200 hour RYT certification from either AYA or another accredited yoga school prior to the start of their modules. Use the form on this page to formally enroll in the 300 RYT, and begin learning anytime with the module library and calendar below!


*Students who have completed their 200 hour RYT with a yoga school other than AYA must complete the Awakening Yoga 20 hour Immersion course as a bridge program to learn the AY vinyasa method which will be reference in subsequent modules.

 AY Vinyasa Immersion 

20 or 25 hours

Dive into the Awakening Yoga Vinyasa method.

*20 hr on-demand version

*25 hr in-person event

*required bridge course for non-AYA Alumni

Start date:  anytime!

Style: On-Demand or In-Person

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Advanced Asana Training (OnDemand)

50 hours

Explore the method and mechanics behind more than 100 classic & advanced asanas.

Start Date: anytime!

Style: On-Demand 

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Mobility & Movement Mechanics (OnDemand)

30 hours

Mobility matters. Explore the demands of our practice and how mobility compliments and supports asana.

Start Date:  anytime!

Style: On-Demand 



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Daily Sadhana & Body Reading

40 hours

 In-Person Module onlyDaily asana, pranayama, meditation practice + postural observation & adjustments.

Start Date: June 3-9, 2023 

Location: YOGA ROOM, Lisbon, Portugal

Style: In-Person

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Effective Sequencing

40 hours


Learn the how and why behind effective, compelling sequencing for group classes, private clients, workshops, and more. 

Start Date: July 1, 2023 

Style: OnDemand

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Intro to Prenatal Yoga

15 hours

Jumpstart your journey into teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Start Date: TBD

Style: OnDemand 

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Art of Instruction

40 hours

Effective teaching requires effective communication. Hone your teaching skills with detailed cueing, expansive language, and a confident presence.

Start Date: Aug 7-13

Location: Seattle Washington

Style: In-Person

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Meditation & Breathwork

35 hours

In a joint partnership, Just Breathe, and AYA come together to offer a deep dive into the quintessential quiet practices of Meditation & Breathwork.

Start: Oct 2, 2023

Style: Live-Community 

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Advanced Philosophy & Subtle Body

30 hours

Dig past the surface and explore the philosophical conflicts and complexities of the practice.

Start Date: TBD

Teacher Mentorship: Level One

30 hours

The first phase in beginning to explore yourself as a teacher. This interactive online course is designed to help you refine and build your confidence as a newer teacher.

Start Date: TBD

Teacher Mentorship: Level Two

30 hours

Skillful, effective, authentic, purposeful. This second phase of mentorship requires level one completion and atleast 2 years of teaching experience. 

Start Date: TBA

Online Modules are released throughout each year.

In-Person Modules occur twice per year in varying locations.


Our goal is to continually provide high quality, up to date education for yoga teachers and students. We believe a hybrid module that provides online access to learning as well as options for those able to attend in-person is the most effective, balance, and sustainable way to integrate knowledge.

Enroll in the AYA 300 hour program

Please fill out this enrollment form to track your module completions and graduation dates. When you have reached 300 hours you will need to submit all cumulative certificates and final project submission to be assigned upon completion.