What will I learn?

  • Gain a baseline understanding of the patterns and prerequisites required for a Tuck Handstand practice


  • Dive into crucial mobility and mechanics for the wrists, shoulders, and hips with educational and practical lessons


  • Develop more active range of motion in your wrists, shoulders, and hips


  • How to modify using props, spotters, and the wall


  • Discover more techniques to help you get up, and stay upside down

Prepare / what's stopping you?

When we approach handstand, it is common to have limiting thoughts. Wondering if I have enough core strength, arm strength, or hamstring flexibility to make it upside down?

However, these are often not the biggest hurdle we have to overcome!

They are simply realities we learn to identify, refine, and expand.


In this module you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the role mobility and active range of motion play in handstands.
  • Learn to work with the variables in play when entering and exiting these floating shapes with grace.
  • Improve your mobility in key areas. Build range of motion and strength in your wrists, shoulders, and hips.


Refine / skills & drills

Strong purposeful movement patterns are the life blood for the physical element of Awakening Yoga. Here we will explore 12 skills & drills you need to develop that will help you move from the wall all to pressing into a tuck handstand.

These movements are specific and fun! There is a sense of precision and joy that comes with learning how to put the pieces together and continue to grow your inversion practice.


In this module you will:

  • Learn how to make the hard work fun! Use an exploratory approach to pattern building.
  • Focus on specific skills and drills to build your strength and comfort in key movements.
  • Challenge yourself with detailed exercises and focused repetition necessary to build confidence and strength upside-down.


Expand / apply what you've learned

Having the tools is great, learning how to use them is essential. This module is made up of classes that combine elements of all the educational videos to give you an opportunity to apply your learning directly.

Begin the development of your own handstand practice routine with the support of a structured class.


In this module you will:

  • Combine a variety of movements focused on balance, conditioning, strength, skill, and perseverance to help you build the trust in yourself to hold handstand with confidence.
  • Practice in a class environment to improve accountability and build routine. 

Programming / how do I move forward?

The recommendations for moving through this course will be based uniquely on you! This is not a one-size fits all calendar you check off each day.

Rather you will have gathered a new set of skills, strengthening drills, balance exercises, mobility practices, and core conditioning recommendations to help you build an intelligent, lasting inversion practice.

We have created a list of recommended bench marks that will help you know when it is time to move into the next phase of your development.

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