Move it or lose it.

This course is designed to give students, teachers, and enthusiastic learners a deep understanding of movement potential and mechanics.

Breaking down key concepts in biomechanics, mobility techniques, and how they might apply to the asana practice makes this a unique exploration. Through the lens of an evidence based practice, we examine the tools and techniques necessary to better assess and program for our own progress and our students.

This is a self paced course with 6 month open access. On May 9th, 2022 the course access will open with all details needed to start learning. 

Live Sessions:

There are four live community sessions for this module. We begin with a kick-off class where we lay the foundation for the course materials, followed by 3 "live community" open Q&A sessions. At prescheduled times throughout the course, students will log into live zoom sessions, ask questions, pick the instructor's brains, and learn from the community. Live sessions are highly encouraged but not required. All live sessions are recorded for later viewing, attendance is not mandatory. If you miss a live session, you won't miss a thing. 


Required Materials:

Students are responsible for acquiring this required reading resource. It is not included in the course tuition but will be referenced and assigned reading.

  • Yoga Biomechanics; Stretching Redefined by Jules Mitchell (available on Amazon here)



This course will cover:


  • What Mobility is (and what it isn't!)


  • Key concepts in Biomechanics, Stretch Physiology, and Tissue Adaptation


  • Relevant research breakdowns to provide confident discernment in the vast (and sometimes confusing!) world of movement science


  • Why, how, and when we can apply to an Asana practice


  • Tutorial breakdown videos of principle positions, daily skills, and mobility exercises


  • Practical routines, joint & range of motion specific programming to use as a student or teacher

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$150 x 3 months

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$429.00 USD

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