Move it or lose it.

This course is designed to give students, teachers, and enthusiastic learners a deep understanding of movement potential and mechanics.

Breaking down key concepts in biomechanics, mobility techniques, and how they might apply to the asana practice makes this a unique exploration. Through the lens of evidence-based practice, we examine the tools and techniques necessary to better assess and program for our own progress and our students.

This is a self-paced course with six months of open access. It is designed to be fully on-demand and completed at your own pace.   

Required Materials:

Students are responsible for acquiring this required reading resource. It is not included in the course tuition but will be referenced and assigned reading.

  • Yoga Biomechanics; Stretching Redefined by Jules Mitchell



This course will cover:


  • What Mobility is (and what it isn't!)
  • Key concepts in Biomechanics, Stretch Physiology, and Tissue Adaptation
  • Relevant research breakdowns to provide confident discernment in the vast (and sometimes confusing!) world of movement science
  • Explore, Why, How, and When we can apply this knowledge to an Asana practice
  • Tutorial breakdown videos of principle positions, daily skills, and mobility exercises
  • Practical routines, joint & range of motion specific programming to use as a student or teacher

Full Payment


Single payment


Susan C. 

"This has been a great course, practical and theoretical, engaging, challenging. The small bite size lessons have made it easy to digest and work at your own pace. I have gained a greater understanding of body and movement mechanics which will help me in my own practice and in teaching."