Awakening Yoga Academy Owners Patrick Beach and Carling Harps doing yoga

This 50-hour online course will explore the physical side of an advanced asana practice. Patrick Beach and Carling Harps break down and build up the framework for complex, often illusive postures and transitions with tutorial lessons, visual manuals, and prerecorded practices. 

Join them as they dive deeply into the mechanics, anatomy, and physical requirements necessary for supporting a more  'advanced' exploration of your yoga asana practice. 


What is included:

  • Video Tutorials - breakdown and buildup of the necessary components for our Blueprint asana postures and their many variations. In-depth regressions, progressions, and prop usage to serve a wide variety of practitioners
  • PDF Manual - reference posture families, explore the asana’s history and background that give purpose to the physical practice
  • Applied Anatomy - A deeper understanding of the mechanics and anatomy of complex physical asana
  • Access to the AYA Student Community Hub - join the global Awakening Yoga Academy community
  • Ten full classes designed to integrate the advanced postures you are learning and show how they may be prepared for and sequenced intuitively and intelligently
  • Open access to more than 75 lessons, including PDF posture guides, anatomy lectures, full classes, and prerecorded asana workshops
  • Nine months of access - this course is designed to be fully on-demand and completed at your own pace.  

Full Payment

$649.00 USD

Single payment

awaken your practice evoke your inner teacher with Patrick Beach and Carling Harps