Advancing Your Asana Yoga Teacher Training with Patrick Beach, and the Awakening Yoga Academy


Join us for a transformative 30-hour in-person yoga workshop led by Patrick Beach, where you'll embark on a journey to reshape your perspective on 'advanced' asanas. Dive deep into the world of advanced yoga postures and transitions during this enlightening 4-day workshop.

This comprehensive workshop will help demystify illusive postures and transitions, providing a new understanding of advanced asanas. You'll explore the mechanics, anatomy, and physical requirements that will elevate your yoga practice to new heights.

Experience the power of updated alignment principles as we debunk common myths surrounding human movement. Enhance your asana acumen, refine your practice, and gain valuable insights.

Uncover the intricacies of advanced asanas, including the Awakening Yoga Blueprint postures and their diverse variations. Discover regressions, progressions, and the effective utilization of props, all designed to cater to practitioners of all skill levels.

Applied Anatomy takes a central role, deepening your comprehension of the mechanics and anatomy behind complex asanas. Learn to practice safely and efficiently.

This is a welcoming environment where every level is an opportunity for growth, making 'advanced' a journey of personal discovery rather than a measure of skill. This workshop is a call to all who wish to deepen their connection with yoga, exploring beyond physical limits to uncover strength, flexibility, and self-awareness within. It's an invitation to shift perspectives, embrace challenges, and celebrate every step of your unique path. As an extra benefit, this course includes a digital educational resource to enrich your learning journey and support your progress.

*Eligible for 30 CEU hours with Yoga Alliance, or these hours can be applied toward the AYA 300-Hour Advanced RYT program.
Advancing Your Asana Teacher Training at YOGAMAYA NYC with Patrick Beach June 13-16, 2024

New York City, NY

June 13-16, 2024

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Advancing Your Asana Yoga Teacher Training Workshop in Antwerp Belgium July 25-28, 2025

Antwerp, Belgium

July 25-28, 2024

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Advancing Your Asana Yoga Workshop at The Sanctuary Munich with Patrick Beach Oct 10-13, 2024

Munich, Germany

Oct 10-13, 2024

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