Course Style: OnDemand 

In this 40-hour online course, students will learn how to build effective, intelligent, and creative sequences to keep their teaching inspired for years to come. Skillful Sequencing should not be reliant on the demand for endless personal creativity but instead on having the right tools in your teaching toolbox. Understand and explore where each sequencing approach is most effective, discover which you gravitate towards most, and how to make every class your own!

Patrick Beach and Carling Harps dive into the nitty gritty of creative sequencing and help students understand why some classes fall flat. Some become instant classics, why the neverending stream of complex choreography may actually be overwhelming your students, and how to create fun, exploratory, and educational classes. 

The instructors break down all the puzzle pieces, key concepts, and sequencing methodology with beginner and advanced mini-flow sequences, more than 15 sample sequences, and easy-to-follow guides for planning workshops and working with private clients.  Perfect for teachers looking to develop their personal styles, sharpen up their classes, and create practices that stand the test of time.

*Course pre-requisite 🔗AY Vinyasa Immersion

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What's included: 

  • Nine months of access to the AYA learning platform 
  • More than 15 sample sequences and easy-to-follow guides 
  • Video lectures, demonstrations, and podcasts
  • Six recorded practice sessions and Q & A with Patrick Beach, and six recorded open office meetings with PB and Carling Harps
  • Downloadable group practice sessions for future viewing
  • Beginner and Advanced versions of the Solar Practice, The Set, and individual Solar Series
  • Programming guides for alternative Class types, such as private sessions, workshops, and events
  • Access to Commune Yoga Online for two months

*This course is designed to be followed online at your own pace. There is no live engagement for the OnDemand learning style. 

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