Enter into the world of hand balancing beyond the traditional handstand. In this 10-hour course, students will focus on balance, how to be in balance, what balance means for us, and how to develop the skill of balance. 

Turn on the sensitivity in your hands. Learn to press into the floor and use your fingers the same way you use your toes. Play with shifting the weight between feet and hands and hands back to feet. Step out of your comfort zone and explore new movement patterns!


 What you'll cover:

  • Hand strength and sensitivity

  • Build your awareness of balance and focus
  • Preparation for: fingers, hands, wrists, and shoulders
  • Focus on specific skills and drills to build your strength and comfort in key movements.
  • Introduction to movement patterns - single patterns and transitions
  • Full practice sessions with PB

Single Module


One course


Hand Balancing as a Teacher-Student


Bundled Modules


Two courses

Learn to Handstand: tuck progressions


Hand Balancing as a Teacher-Student