Prenatal Yoga 101

This 15-hour module is designed to jumpstart your journey into teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga. Whether you are looking to support ongoing students who just also happen to be birthing people or venture into the wider birth community with your teaching, this short course is the perfect place to start.

By the end of the course, we hope to help ignite your teaching passions, give you the knowledge and confidence to teach birthing people in any class, and provide the necessary tools better to support them in all stages of their yoga journey. The yoga practice can have a powerful impact on someone's pregnancy by improving mindfulness, calming stressing, maintaining physicality, easing transitions, and aiding birth recovery, among much else. Learn to teach this population with inclusivity and impact!

We're going to:

  • cover the anatomy of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and its changes on the body
  • build awareness of how the yoga practice can support each unique trimester
  • show the differences between specific “Prenatal Yoga” classes and simply “doing yoga while pregnant.”
  • teach asana modifications, regressions, progressions
  • breakdown of breathwork and sample practices for each trimester
  • bring awareness to meditations and mindfulness practices for connection to self and child

  • include sample sequences and class themes
  • provide teaching tools such as inclusive birthing language, intentional verbal instruction, and much more! 

*This course is fully online and designed to be completed at your own pace within six months from the date of registration.


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Course opens December 11, 2023

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