Practice LAB workshop with Patrick Beach

24-Hour In-Person experience 

Immerse yourself in a well-rounded yoga training for teachers and dedicated students alike that will help create a deeper understanding to your asana practice. Build a path to a more profound process of self-study through ritual, dedication, and awareness. Learn methods to come into better connection with your being by aligning intention to action on a daily basis for growth leading to new personal development. We are the sum of our experiences until we create new ones. This four-day practice intensive will open new doors for expansive possibilities in your yoga journey.

Day One: The Foundations of Flow

The Awakening Yoga Vinyasa System is filled with unique sequences held together by many threads and through lines of movement. Build from the ground up to explore heightened levels of physical capability and personal awareness as we create a connection between our actions and purpose. Learn to work with yourself by identifying comfort zones to create new avenues of exploration. Our potential expands when we invest in building a strong base to allow the fruits of our labors to blossom.

Day Two: Timing and Techniques

Modern mobility meets yoga asana. Discover the difference between your passive and active range of motion before applying this knowledge to your practice. Find new methods of movement for daily practice that will support your yoga journey and help you feel better in your body. These techniques are paramount to seeing ourselves and students clearly. By developing the tools to meet anyone where they are our offerings begin to shed their limitations to bridge the gap between knowledge and experience.

Day Three: Courage Comes in Many Forms

Finding the challenges that allow us to see ourselves more clearly opens the door for what we want to become. Identifying our current self requires connection and reflection. Push yourself outside of the familiar with unique posture and elevated transitions to define the edge of what you find familiar. Learn your limitations to create paths for working with or working through them to be more connected to the core of your being.

Day Four: The Deep Dive

We jump in the water to swim back to the surface. Begin to use the knowledge cultivated over the past three days to start the process of reading bodies, working with adjustments, dabbling with the meaning of practice, and finding a new home within yourself. Set the pace for personal practice by creating room for focused effort with clear intentions. Growth comes through consistently showing up, being present in the current moment, and honoring the next one with decisive action!

**Eligible for 24 hours of CEU

**300-Hour Advanced eligible with AYA

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